MsR Wedding and Event Photography


Hello! I am a mom of 3 children. I am still young but my dream as a little girl was to be a photographer for national geographic! I wanted to travel and take pictures of wild life. Once I had children I kept saying "Next year I will reach for the goal in photography." All though I knew I would not be able to travel like I had wished I still wanted to get into it. Feb. 2011 I bit the bullet and bought myself a canon T3i and several other electronics and programs. As my heart raced as I clicked the button to make the transactions I found myself saying, "I'm finally doing it!"
I have been working as a substance abuse counselor the past 5 years and have been just doing photography on the side as a hobbie. Currently I have my own business in photography and I also work part time as a second on photographer for another local business at weddings. This year I have taken bigger strides and have been growing as a business. I will take on just about any task from sports, weddings, events, portraits and pets! Business is going great and I am having a blast!
Thank you for taking the time to take a look and any feedback is welcome! Enjoy and God bless!
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